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How to Get Followers on Instagram

Ways to Get more Instagram Followers

Social media is an important part of today's world. Whether you use it for business purposes or just to keep in touch with family or friends, it is an important function in daily life. Instagram has become a very popular social medium, especially among teens and college-aged people. If you want to reach this crowd and get more followers, there are some things you should do with your Instagram account.


Post lots of photos

Though Instagram has become more like Facebook and Twitter in terms of being used to post messages and news, its purpose is to share photos, and the way to get more followers is to post lots and lots of photos. You can post photos that are germane to your business or your personal life, but it also helps to post unrelated photos that will get people's attention. For example, you might post photos of cute animals or of news events. When people know they can rely on your Instagram feed for reliable photo posts, they are more likely to give you a follow.


Follow other accounts

Many people have a rule that they will not follow Instagram accounts unless those users follow them first. So if you want to generate followers, you have to follow other accounts. Though this can sometimes be a pain in the sense of getting users in your feed that you don't really want, it is an important step in getting followers for you own Instagram account.


Cross post and promote on other sites

Another way to generate Instagram followers is to cross post items across social media sites. If you post items on Facebook, Twitter and other sites with links to your Instagram feeds, you are likely to draw at least some people to Instagram, where they may give you a follow.


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