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How to Get Followers on Instagram

Followers on Instagram

Once you have your instagram account set up you will want to attract followers. Setting up a profile and connecting to facebook are both key steps to getting followers. Fill in your bio and make creative use of both emojis and hashtags to make yourselff stand out. Follow instagram users who share photos that you find interesting and that are similar to your pictures and make sure that you post positive messages about their work to help encourage people to check out your profile. Emojis and longer messages are both helpful to show genuine interest in someones work and encorages reciprocation.

Make sure that you respond to comments on your account and thank people for positive comments. Take time to answer questions about your pictures and even encourage questions and comments by posting questions as part of your photo caption.

Geotag your photos to encourage comments byt make sure that your geotags are correct to avoid possible negative feedback; someone will always notice a mistake and will comment on it which can damage your credibility,For your personal security, it's wise to avoid geotagging your home and/or your place of work.

Creating interesting or unique pictures is key to getting followers and there are apps available to help you including editing apps and filters. You should include a caption for every picture and you can include several hashtags in the caption. There are apps to help with hashtags.

To optimize connecting with followers try posting in the morning or after work when you are mst likely to reach people. Posting in the middle of the night can mean that no one will see your pictures when people get up in the morning and try to avoid posting all at once to give people a chance to actually see your work.

For more information, see how to get followers on instagram.

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